March 21st 2004

Walmart, Subway  Brunch by Darlene

Twas a beautiful day for blading south from Wal-Mart to Gibbs and back. We had a biker come by us and say we were doing 17 mph. Think he was a little high but it sounded good. We had an unscheduled stop to allow Jeff B. to tape a blister. Construction on the 38th Ave. overpass didn't cause much of a problem but you had to take it slow around the construction. Ken L. wore an unusual helmet for the day he picked up at the construction site. Kim displayed her new skinny but delightful body. Darlene's brunch was fantastic as usual. Thanks Darlene for being such a good hostess. Rob rated it an 11.5 but was under some influence by Darlene displaying a kitchen knife.