March 28th 2004

Thanks To Lorna Wheet for the very descriptive narrative of the skate. She is filling in for Bruce.

John Chesnut Sr. County Park

Well, I must have opened the smart card door while the camera was On and I wiped out all the pictures on the card! The  photographer not only fell flat on her stomach crossing a street but she also wiped out the pictures for the day! So use your imagine and visualized this picture of a beautiful day from John Chestnut park skating North to the Trail Ends sign and back through a housing addition. We had a visitor, John,  join us who is from Illinois and in town for the marathon in Orlando. Thanks for joining us John. Jeanine brought her nephew, Justin. The regulars were led out by skinny Kim, Lowell, and Karin. Followed by Jeff, Herb, Roy, Glynnis, Rob, Mike, and Lorna. We had breakfast at Eve's and Rob gave it an 8. Hopefully, next week the photographer will have her act together and we will have pictures!