July 18th 2004

Curlew Rd & Alt 19 on the Trail, Brunch by Suzanne G

The sky looked good over Curlew at 6:45 AM. Around 8 AM Rob showed up on his motorcycle. At 8:20 AM the sky turned ugly, it poured on us and the winds blew about 20 mph. There would be no rollerblading this Sunday. We all gathered at Suzanne's elegant townhouse and socialized while having a fantastic breakfast. Thanks Suzanne!!!!!! Deborah D. helped out by doing an excellent job cooking the eggs. Didn't even know she could cook. Suzanne's friend, Tom from Boise, Idaho joined us. Thanks Tom for putting up with us. Herb tried a little biking from Suzanne's and returned drenched. Good try Herb.

Congratulations  to the Tampa Bay Lightning for winning the Eastern Conference Title  and The Lord Stanley Cup !!!   They beat Calgary in 7 games. It was a hard fought battle one that will be remembered long into the future. Could this be the start of a Hockey Dynasty ??  Click here for more info Go Bolts !!

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