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Last Sunday's Skate

Pinellas Trail Skate 2014 | Thanksgiving at Kim & Joels

Tom & Linda's Halloween Night Dinner | Monday Night Halloween Blade/Bicycle

Thursday Night Blading Group | Tom & Linda's Bike to Dinner

Debbie & Chuck's 4th of July Party & Kayaking to the Fireworks

Breeze & Laura's Inaugural Memorial Day BBQ | Chuck & Debbie's Valentine's Party | Great EsSkate

Christine & Rogers Super Bowl Party | Dennis and Ellen's Holiday Open House

Chuck & Debbie's Tailgate Party | New Years Eve at the Coliseum

Bruce's Christmas Eve Open House

Darry's Holiday Lights Skate & Party | Pinellas Trail Skate 2013

Chris & Theresa's Biking-Blading-Dancing-Hula Hoop Party

Tom's Birthday Party Collage & Writeup

Dennis and Ellen's Garden Party | Monday Formal Skate

And More!

Who are the Sunday Bladers?

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Come skate/bicycle with us on Sunday Morning & Monday and Thursday Nights!

Bruce Myers wife Darlene passed away after a long illness. Click here for a dedication.

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The Sunday Bladers is an informal social group that enjoys more than just rollerblading. We blade at various locations around the Tampa - St. Petersburg metro area. Every Sunday is a new adventure from Tarpon Springs to Longboat Key, from St. Petersburg to Orlando. We usually Blade 10-12 miles in the summer and 12-20 miles in the cooler months. Read our FAQ page for more information.

Brunch Afterwards Always

Everyone is responsible for their own safety! Safety gear is always recommended and worn by most of the group.

Be Aware, Blade With Care

For general skating information e-mail Bruce:
Bruce: 727.544.5586
Jeff: 727.776.4561

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