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Dorey Anne
Look out Bladers,
Here I Come!
Bruce M
Events & Email Coordinator Snow Skier
Wayne & Pam
Gulfport Duo
Jeff B
Are we going to stand around all day or go skating?
Darlene B
Seeing Eye
Dog Trainer
Brunch Sponsor
Janice H
Lou & Saray Founders of Sunday Bladers 1995
Johnathon R
Making Every
Day Count
 Rick Thebreeze
Go Skates Go!!
Dennis &
Ellen H

Daylili Gardners
Wine Connoisseurs
Chuck H
Snow Skier
Debbie H
Snow Skier
Diane L
Smile and make
someone happy
Ken L
Snow Skier
Cindy B
Love Skating
Steve G
Slow but Trainable
Linda M
Good at everything,
Rob H
Rob G
Don't go around,
jump it.
Roy H
Joel F
Up this early,
Video Producer
Ken M
Kayaker, Boater, Snow Skier
Party Lady
Dee T
Ham Radio
Sam T
No Pictures Please
Carol J
Queen of Sun City
Vivian A
Darling but
Joe W
Striving to make the trail smooth
Sandy & Glenn R
Always an adventure
Kim F
Snow Skier
New Years Party
Software Developer
chris and ginny
Janet L
New Blader
Look out.
My goal is
to pass Bruce!
Certified Inline
Leo F
New Skater
Here I come
Pete K
Moved all the way from CNY to be a Sunday blader. What a thrill!
Chris W &
Ginny H

The Bean Counter & The Scribe
Rick P
Biker / Bowler / Poker Player
Ginnie S.
Biker / Bowler / Snow Skier
Life's a Dance!
Lech O
Lets Go
Tom H
Skater, Kayaker, Motorcyclist & Cooks for the Parties!
Ray B
Live Big,
Skate More
Jeff W
Snow Skier Motorcyclist
Michael Sandi
Darry & Kelly
Holiday Lights Skate Shop for Adventure
Michael & Sandi
Love to Bike & Kayak
Wendy H
Adam & Kelly's Mom
John L
Snow Skier Dance Instructor Author
Lorraine L
Our NY Lady
Carole & Mark Z
Skater Extraordinaire
Herb E
Love Sking
& Skating
Barbara B
I Love
Tommy M
Bicycling is
Linda & Brian
Brunch & Pool Party Sponsors
Craig S
Skating is
Pete & Olivia
The perfect couple - Love blading, biking and kayaking
Theresa &
Chris V

Biking, Blading
& Hula Hooping
Kyle B
Play &
Stay Young
Giorgia J.
I Love
Bill & Diana S.
Illinois Snowbirds
Colby B.
Living the
LaMona H.
A smile
goes a
long way
Shannon & Liam

Special Dedications

Kevin Goodson
1957 to 2004
In memory of a dear friend
& Sunday Blader
Darlene Myers
1937 to 2008
In memory of a special hostess
& Sunday Blader


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Our rollerblading group is blessed with dedicated people who like to contribute by having a bunch for a hot, sweaty, and starving group of bladers in their home. Why would anyone go to all the trouble and expense of doing this is a mystery but it is greatly appreciated.

Many gracious people in the past have had Sunday Blader Brunches. The list includes Rob & Amy, Mark & Carol, Chuck & Debbie, Paul & Cas, Bruce & Darlene, Milly, Herb, Jeanine, Breeze, Linda & Brian, Jeff & Darlene, Mike & Sandy, Deb B., Suzanne, Rick & Ginnie, Mary B., Lisa S., John L, Willi, Janet L., Andrea W., Berna & Mats and Dorey Anne.

A great big thank you goes out to all our Sunday Blade Brunch Sponsors.


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